Assembly is Fun! (Sort Of)

Many new programmers have little to no exposure to assembly code. Over the years, colleges have started glossing over the details of how processors execute instructions and how data is stored in memory. On top of that, new high-level programming languages are created every year. In fact, high-level languages like Python and Java have surpassed “low-level” languages like C and C++ in popularity.

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Programming on the Toilet

It’s 5PM. I’ve been working on the same code for hours, grinding out an implementation one line at a time. It’s been a torturous process. Some days, code just naturally flows from my brain to my fingertips. This is not one of those days.

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Thank God for Simple Code

As a programmer, I love learning new technologies and design patterns. I love dissecting code until I understand the minutia of how each piece works. I love reading blogs and StackOverflow posts about random technical topics, even if they’re not immediately applicable to anything I’m working on. And more often than not, when I go to lunch with other programmers, the discussion consists of weighing the pros and cons of different architectures for the features we’re working on.

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